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Technical SEO Solutions For Your Business

In an ever-changing SEO landscape, technical SEO strategy and execution is more critical than ever before.


We solve technical SEO problems through strategy consulting and execution.

Research & Analysis

We research, measure, and respond to every major Google algorithm update while also conducting competitive analyses.

SEO Strategy

We take our research and boil it down into bite-sized, actionable items that can be easily implemented on your website.

Growth in Traffic

Implementing effective SEO strategies on your website will lead to growth in organic traffic, sales, and returning customers.

Why Choose Eron Digital?

We help you get organic traffic through technical SEO.

It’s estimated that there are 63,000 searches on Google every second, leading to 5.6 billion searches per day. This adds up to 2 trillion searches every year globally. The potential for organic traffic growth is significant with the right SEO strategy.

SEO comprises 30% of the average website's total traffic
43% of all Product Searches begin on Google
90% of Google searchers don't click to page 2

Solutions for every technical SEO problem

Competitive Analysis

We identify competitors and learn what works and/or doesn't work for their SEO performance.

Mobile-first Strategies

Everything we recommend will start with a mobile-first mindset, helping meet customers where they are.

Full-site Audits

We conduct full-site crawls with advanced Regex/Xpath patterns and deliver to uncover deep insight.

Log File Analysis

We analyze your server log files to better understand how Search Engine bots are crawling your website.

Product Management

We are able to interface with your developers to Product Manage new technical enhancements within the Agile Scrum framework.

International SEO

We create hreflang plans, URL structure consultation, and scalable global SEO strategies.


Global SEO

Looking to scale your organic search traffic beyond the United States? We help optimize for search engines around the world, helping you meet your customers where they are.

We are a full-scale international technical SEO consulting agency and look forward to driving traffic in all regions and localize languages that your website operates within.


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